Unfortunately, HeliTape is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you have any special requests of requirements, using the Contact page. Many thanks.

What is it?
HeliTape is a tough, high quality self-adhesive tape, originally designed to protect the leading edge of helicopter rotor-blades.
  • Totally clear- basically invisible once applied.
  • UV resistant- will not yellow over time in sunlight.
  • Thin enough to be malleable and flexible, yet tough enough to offer protection.
We have a new supplier, which means that HeliTape is now slightly thinner than previously. It is a lot more flexible, easier to apply, and better for protecting awkward shapes and areas.

What can I use it for?
Fortunately for us bikers, HeliTape has a multitude of uses,
offering protection for;

  • Bicycle frames, suspension forks, crank arms, and other components from damage caused by heel/cable rub, uplift trailers, chain slap, rocks flicked up from the road/trail, and general wear and tear.
  • Cars from damage from bike racks.
  • GPS unit/mobile phone screens from scratches when on your bars or in your pocket/bag.

Currently available in lengths of 6" (15cm) wide tape, which is perfect for coverage of larger sections, or can be cut down for cable rub patches or to protect smaller areas.

HeliTape is very simple to use, and an instruction note and alcohol wipes (for cleaning surface) are included.